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Canto 1: The Truth Will Set You Free

By Noëlle Hiester Dante and Virgil emerge from hell on Easter Sunday morning to a new reality in an opening Purgatorio canto filled with symbols of life and resurrection. At the bottom of hell they’ve encountered Satan, but perhaps a

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Canto 34: Setting Our Faces Toward Heaven

By Jodi Schott The culmination of Dante’s journey through hell leads to a monstrous Lucifer and grievous sinners. Dante’s journey thus far has been an exploration of the levels of human sin; a hierarchy of wrongdoing. At the center of

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Canto 33: A Hard Hatred to Gnaw On

By Fr. Royce Gregerson At the beginning of Canto 32, Dante expressed to us his hesitancy to speak about the inner circle of Hell through whose second and third rounds we continue in Canto 33. He does not have “the

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Canto 32: Hate and Being Frozen Inward

By Ron Herzman It’s probably a good idea to remind ourselves as we come closer to the bottom of the Inferno that we are only one third of the way through the journey. Dorothy Sayers’ wonderful quip comes to mind:

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Canto 31: When Language Divides

By Lucy Bennett Dante and Virgil approach the ninth and final circle of Hell, and Dante begins the journey by comparing Virgil’s tongue to the lance of Achilles. “The very tongue that stung me with rebuke so that I flushed

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Canto 30: The Disease of Division

By Fr. Paul Tomasso In Canto 30, Dante and Virgil are completing their trek through the tenth bolgia, one encounter more depressing than another in its exposure of human self-centeredness and sin. In this canto we meet “The Falsifiers”—impersonators (falsifiers

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