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Canto 27: Temperance as the Final Purification

By Jonathon Schott Continuing on through the Terrace of Lust, in this Canto, Dante and his traveling companions encounter an angel, the angel of chaste living, who sings to them beautifully, “blessed are the pure of heart.” Then, flames shoot

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Canto 26: To Be Human Is To Love

By Jodi Schott In today’s culture of instant gratification, people often equate sexual desire with a need to immediately express that desire. However, we must say to this culture: “Not so fast!” Sexual desire and its expression are not always

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Canto 2: Mercy Rains Down from Heaven

By Fr. David Tedesche In this second canto of the Inferno, Dante gets ready to begin his descent into hell under the guidance of Virgil. In a way, this second canto is really the first canto of the Inferno. This

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